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Oil and Gas Trading Services

Through our affiliations, Ols and Ned Group is able to offer brokerage services for the acquisition or sale of crude Oil. We also specialize in sales and marketing of petroleum products such as Gas oil, Diesel, GOST 305-82 D2, MAZUT, Biodiesel, Gasoline, Natural Gas LPG, LNG, Jet fuels (any grade), Bitumen e.t.c 


Commodity Trading Services

As professionals with our own network and trading channels, we are able to provide an extensive range of Agriculture commodities to World markets. Our networks and services enables us to maintain a strong position in the market and provide the best prices and services to our customers.


Deal Facilitation

Having access to the right people in the right place is what enables Ols and Ned get you the best of facilitating your Business Deals.

We facilitate transactions by linking buyers and sellers in the Commodity and Oil & Gas Sector. We build bridges and create synergies. We also provide market information regarding prices, products, and market conditions. The advantage of using us is that we research the market and have already established relations with prospective parties.

We also have the tools and network to reach the largest possible base of buyers or sellers. We also screen the interested parties prior to introduction to the other party. Due to our vast network and as we are not limited to a specific operation, we can source partners in any industry and across a broad spectrum of industries.

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Investment Opportunity

Ols and Ned finds and pre-screens investment opportunities which meet the specific criteria of private equity investors, venture capital and investing corporations. Investment opportunities are presented in a standard format that save investor's time and money. Investors benefit by seeing a variety and larger number of  investment opportunities.


Business Development Service Support

We provide a range of business support options to develop small businesses. Business development services are important because they can assist business owners / entrepreneurs in exploring more opportunities, generate more revenue and run their business more effectively. If appropriately applied, can act as an enhancer of access to finance and as an alternative form of collateral in circumstances where tangible collateral may be an impediment to meeting traditional security requirements. 

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